MI Thermocouple

  • Magnesium Oxide insulated thermocouples, commonly referred to as MgO thermocouples, are used in many process and laboratory applications. They are available in all thermocouple element types, a wide variety of sheath diameters and materials, they are rugged in nature and bendable, and their fairly high temperature ratings make MgO thermocouples a popular choice for a multitude of temperature measuring applications. The many desirable characteristics make them a good choice for general and special purpose applications.
  • MgO sensors are constructed by placing an element or elements into a sheath of a suitable material and size, insulating the elements from themselves and the sheath with loose filled or crushable Magnesium Oxide powder or insulators, and then swaging or drawing the filled sheath down to its final reduced size. The swaging process produces an element with highly compacted MgO insulation and provides a high dielectric strength insulation between the elements themselves and their sheath.


Base Metal Thermocouples


HEATEC standard thermocouple line is used in applications where high reliability is a priority. Our thermocouple line comes with the highest purity MgO insulation to yield maximum EMF stability and minimum drift problems caused by insulation impurities. We have thermocouples available in standard and special calibration limits for types K, J, E, N and T . Upon request we can also custom manufacture all of our probes to meet your special requirements.


Heatech Heaters’s industrial RTDs are designed to control and monitor the temperature with accuracy, linearity, sensitivity and stability over temperature range of 200° C to 630° C. These characteristics make the RTDs score over other temperature sensors. They are used in bearings, motors, generators, pumps, turbines, compressors and various equipments used in chemical, power, food and plastic industries etc. RTD probes are available with two to three leads for matching new or existing temperature instrumentation.
  • Resistance: 100 Ohms ± 0.1 % at 0°C (32°F)
  • Temperature Range: -200°C to 630°C.
  • Leads: Glass braided and metallic flexible armour is standard.
  • Case: Stainless Steel.
  • Straight RTD Probes
  • Model Number Leads
    R 82 2 Leads
    R 83 3 Leads
  • Spring Loaded RTD Probes
  • Model Number Leads
    R 84 2 Leads
    R 85 3 Leads
  • General Purpose RTD Probes
  • Model Number Leads
    R 86 2 Leads
    R 87 3 Leads