We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Furnaces, Thermocouples, Ovens and all types of industrial and special type of Heating systems. We are in this field of manufacturing for the past two decades. We have a list of Leading Industrial Organisations and Educational Institutions in our list of clientele.

Our main products are Thermocouples, Industrial furnaces, Ovens, Industrial Heaters, Air heaters, Electricity Operated Furnaces etc.
Thermocouples / Control Panels     Furnaces / Ovens     Industrial Heaters
Thermocouples used for High Temperature applications are Pt/Pt Rh type . Pt/Pt Rh 13%, 10%, or 30% can be used depending upon the operating temperatures. German make Recrystallised High Alumina Pythogorous KER - 610, KER - 710, SS 310 or Inconel 600/800 grade tubes are provided as protection sheaths. High Alumina tubes can withstand temperatures upto 1850 Deg C     Electrically Operated Furnaces: Bogie Hearth, Pit type Furnaces.

Oil Fired Furnaces For Heat Treatment applications of various grade steels.

Electrically operated Ovens for Industrial, lab and Food Processing Industries.
    Air Heaters / Air Finned Heaters of all types, shapes and sizes as per customer requirements for application in baking, curing of plants, enamels and other various industries, made out of SS or Incoloy grade steels.

Immersion heaters like oil, water, alkaline and other chemicals